Lets talk about YOU!

Eat More Veggies, Lose Weight, Feed Your Family, and Customize Your Goals

Finally a program that will help you get to the health and wellness goals you have always wanted!

The Resolution Reboot Event 

We customize health & wellness programs for YOU in  individual or group health coaching. Each experience is focused on nutrition and infused with fun. Together we will make the best YOU possible!

Michelle DeWolf

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Michelle DeWolf leads each session sharing the knowledge gained in 20+ years of teaching cooking classes, focused on vegetables and fruits to kids and adults. She has lived the raising of a family on healthy, festive foods and as a certified Integrative Nutrition coach, Michelle has in-depth practical knowledge that complements her years of culinary experience.

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For questions, or to inquire about upcoming events and workshops, 

please send an e-mail to Michelle at [email protected]